GPS Employee Tracking

Better Visibility into your offsite resources delivers greater ROI to your business.

  • Reduced Mileage / More efficient routing
  • Increased Response Times
  • Better use of company resources
  • Increased levels of producivity at client sites
  • Better Benchmarking & Continuous Improvement
  • Transparent billing
  • Plus so much more …

 Increases in productivity for your field team, is a key outcome that we deliver.  

 Whether you’re in Sales, Field Services or Event Marketing Btracking can maximize the return on your existing wireless investment and give you visibility into your mobile workforce.

  • Increase revenues with improved productivity from your mobile team
  • Lower your costs through reduced downtime, overtime, fuel consumption etc
  • Increase customer satisfaction with improved punctuality, service delivery, and billing transparency
  • Provide for employee safety with location based panic functionality
  • Gain the confidence of increased visibility into field activities and efficient mobile team management
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Here are just a few examples of how Btracking can work for you:


Security Services:

    • Mapping: Visibility into security officer location eliminates need and costs associated with `checking in`.
    • Messaging: Alerts triggered by arrival and departure of certain zones or locations ensures employee accountability and improves quality of service delivery. Panic functionality enhances worker safety and alerts you to officers in need of assistance with their exact location.
    • Reporting: Generation of daily / weekly / monthly location and time reports ensures accurate and transparent client billing.

Local Courier / Delivery:

  • Mapping: By using existing smartphones with their mobile workers, small companies can gain visibility into their mobile workforce in minutes with no upfront investment on dedicated hardware. Increase visibility into employee location also allows for efficient dispatching ensuring improved productivity and prompt deliveries.
  • Messaging: Arrival at target locations can trigger alerts and create an automated log of pick up and delivery times. Speed alerts help ensure worker safety.

Trades / Professional Services

      • Mapping: Visibility into worker location helps improve dispatch efficiency and reduces likelihood of worker moonlighting. Accountability ensures proper use of vehicles, reducing fuel consumption, maintenance costs etc.
      • Messaging: Notifications set for arrival and departure from a job site or area will help ensure punctuality and maximize time spent on site, improving customer satisfaction.
      • Reporting: Historical reports will ensure accurate billing and provide information to help generate more precise job estimates in the future.

Retail Field Services:

    • Mapping: Knowledge of worker location will help drive employee accountability and productivity.
    • Messaging: Automated messaging triggered by specific store locations will improve accuracy and reduce employee time spent on self generated reports.
    • Reporting: Detailed reports will ensure transparent billing, while also providing tangible proof of field activity and service delivered. Reports can also be leveraged for payroll and expense generation.

Home Health Care

      • Mapping: Visibility into mobile worker location will help ensure worker safety while driving accountability. Improved productivity and reduced downtime will lower costs.
      • Messaging: Notifications set for arrival and departure from a select site or area will help ensure punctuality and help ensure the appropriate amount of time is spent on site.
      • Reporting: Daily and historical reports can help inform and drive some performance measurements while providing ability to compare time periods and trends.
These are only some examples of how the Btracking solution can help businesses. Benefits extend into construction, sales and beyond. 

GPS Tracking - Reduced Fuel Costs

REDUCED FUEL COSTS Cut idle time, improve routing, and manage drivers. Average savings 10 -15%GPS Tracking - Reduced Fuel Costs
GPS Tracking - Operation Efficiency
OPERATIONAL COSTS More effective dispatching, more accurate time reporting, reduced labor hours. Reduce personal use of vehicles.  Correct bad driving habits that can be dangerous and unproductive.

GPS Tracking - Increase Productivity

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITYIncrease number of jobs each day. Account more accurately for time on the job. Monitor time spent at each location by each driver.

GPS Tracking - Improve Safety

IMPROVE SAFETYIdentify unsafe drivers and prevent accidents from occurring. 24/7 full vehicle monitoring that will reduce the cost of accidents and potentially save lives.

GPS Tracking - Reduce Maintencance Costs

REDUCE MAINTENANCE COSTSAutomatic reminders for regular service. Monitor odometer, fuel consumption thus preventing costly breakdowns and extending the vehicle life.

GPS Tracking - Discourage Theft

DISCOURAGE THEFT Use Geofence and Unauthorized vehicle usage times to send alerts by text or email in case of theft. Geofence alerts also notify you when drivers deviate from parameters or route you set.

GPS Tracking - Vehicle Revocery

VEHICLE RECOVERY In case of theft, locate the vehicle.  Track A provides you the ability to accurately track vehicles anytime and anywhere.

GPS Tracking - Lower Insurance

REDUCED INSURANCE PREMIUMSInsurance comprehensive reduction of 5 – 15 % on the annual premium

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